Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas Ornament

Hello everyone this is my first post ever I have been learning about how to use this blog and even how the make my pics look better (I know lot to learn still) ,this is a project my friend Carol teach us I love it it's so 'Christmasy' we used canvas for the back ,paint, glimmer mist lots of sticles the M it's for Mikulic and it comes from a scrabble game .
One thing I did learn it's that to make big ornaments like these with big and heavy embellishments like the leaves it's better if you can use a glue gun.


  1. Hi Julia! I am so glad you are HERE! This is totally adorable..I love scrabble letters..and glue..and all kinds of fun stuff. You will love having a sewing machine - we each have one (hope to get a few things done before a craft fair to sell) Nice to see you...take care and keep sharing the creativity.

  2. Hello my dear welcome to DSC! You gonna Love it! If you have a chance come by and visit me at HUGS Rosanne

  3. Hello darlin! Thanks for watching my tutorials!! I just love your little house! What a cool and different project. I just love Bird houses and I'm obsessed with birds and flight for some reason. Thanks so much for sharing and I look forward to more of your posts. It will take a little time to learn about blogging but you'll get the hang of it. I know I'm still learning also. If you have any guestions, I'll be happoy to help if I can. HUGS Rosanne

  4. Hi Julia!
    We are DSC December Swap partners!
    Send me an email and tell me all about yourself and what kind of album you would like me to make you!

  5. HI Julia, just stopping by to say hello! Love the ornament. Hope you're having a great holiday! :-) hugs, Arlene